Introducing you the Aerospace Industry's Princess, YM  Raja Shazreen Petra. The first woman in the World to own a Multi-Billion Manufacturing Aircrafts Company. She owns Jetline International (M)  Sdn. Bhd. and Jetlins is the First in Malaysia, First in South-East Asia and Third in Asia to actually start a manufacturing aircrafts company. 

At the age of 21 years old, she's already the Executive Director of Jetline International. She's been monitoring by her dad. She has been traveling back to back to Malaysia and the States. She start up the company in the States and currently in the process of bringing the Manufacturing Aicrafts business in Malaysia. 

She's definitely the defination of a Beauty with Brain. She's definitely a risk taker to actually open up the manufature company here in Malaysia. Unlike the States, Malaysia's not really familiar with the Aerospace Industry. But yes, she's going change everything. The Malaysian will definitely be thanking her someday. It's a big project and she's the first one in Malaysia to do that. Pioneer in Malaysia. 

Recently, she got interviewed by Majalah Nona. Guess, they finally found out who she really is. The article was really good. She definitely inspire people. Mostly, the young entrepreneur and she's definitely empowering women. People really should take her as a role model. Seldom to find someone who's in the Royal Family but they tend to be very independent and work really hard. Especially women, it's definitely rare to see a women who wants to be independent. Unlike any others, she can definitely finance herself. She seems like she doesn't even need a man. But nevertheless, I'm sure she wants to be love by someone like any normal person. 

Base on her article she seems to be a very simple, very polite and  humble kind of person. She came from a Royal and definitely a rich family. But she's very humble. I believe she never really uses her Royal name. She'll only uses Shazreen Petra. I guess she was really well brought by her parents. Such an honor to have a daughter who has so much in her life but she's really down to earth. Credits to her parents for the well brought up daughter.. Seeing her Instagram or Twitter, she looks really genuine and a kind person. She would reply to every comments. And to think she would be very arrogant cause she came from a wealthy and royal family. But apparently no, she's definitely one good example for the youngsters.  

I am one of her followers on Instagram. And believe me guys go nuts over her. Who wouldn't? What's not to love about this girl right here. Independent woman, very kind, graceful as a Princess should be, beautiful with brain and always remember the one who gave her the support and who was the one who made her who  she is today. And so sexy how she loves sports cars! One who is so lady like but loves and know so much about cars and aircrafts. 

Speaking of that, she seems like she's still single. Maybe because she's too busy to have someone in her life right now. Whoever gets to win her heart is very one lucky guy. But will the guy feel pressure? As she's only 21 but she's already successful. And maybe because she feels that she can finance herself and that is why maybe she's single. Maybe? Could be? Beauitful girl inside and outside with brain and still single. May the best man win.

She's not like any other teenagers. 21 year-old and yet she's never been to a club before. She's seldom goes out with her friends too.o. You would think she's wild. But shockingly not, definitely rare isn't it? But reallg base on her recent article, she's definitely a person who doesn't want her father to be disappoint with her and she would make it easy as possible for her father. So maybe that's the main reason on why she doens't go out much with her friends. Definitely well brought.

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