Nabil Jeffri began his career in karting winning the Asian and Malaysian Rotax Max Junior titles in 2009. He stepped up to Formula BMW Pacific in 2010, racing for Eurasia Motorsport. On 1 September 2010, Jeffri carried out an aerodynamic test for the Lotus Racing Formula One team, driving the Lotus T127 on the airfield at the Imperial War Museum Duxford, becoming the youngest ever test driver in Formula One history. He drove for the team as a member of the AirAsia ASEAN Driver Development Program run by Lotus principal Tony Fernandes. In 2013, Nabil Jeffri was selected to be in the PETRONAS Talent Development Program and competed in the ATS FORMEL 3 CUP under Team Eurointernational.

The Lotus Racing team and a young Malaysian have made it into Formula One’s history books. 16-year old Nabil Jeffri became the youngest ever F1 test driver when he stepped into the Lotus T127 at the Imperial War Museum runway in Duxford, England. Jeffri, an AirAsia ASEAN Driver Development programme member, conducted a day of aero testing and gave the team valuable pitstop practice.

Nabil Jeffri made Formula One history with Lotus Racing. At 16 year-old he has made motor sport history by becoming the youngest to drive a Formula One car in an official test. For young Malaysian like Nabil, it is the first step on the road to becoming a Formula One Driver. 

It is amazing to see such achievement like Nabil. Not many Malaysians into Formula race. Because it's hard. And to be in the Formula race takes a long time. Being a Formula racing driver as a career is definitely a  cool job. Who doesn't love Formula race? 

Being a Formula race driver sounds cool and all but it's not easy. But that never stops Nabil from getting where he wants to go. Start from go kart and now here he is driving a Formula. He basically sepnd most of his time by preparing for the next race. That's the thing about wanting to be successful. You have to sacrifice your teen years. Regardless if it's the business, entertaintment or motosport industry. You want to be the best, you got to sacrifice and work hard for your success.

Bet you girls are drooling over Nabil. But too bad, he's already in a relationship with Raysha Rizrose. The winner of Dewi Rmaja 2015. All the good ones are taken girls. Sorry. You think be a Formula racer would always change girls. But not Nabil. He's been loyal with his girlfriend. 

Nabil Jeffri is also the Youth Icon for Malaysia. Showing a good example to other youngsters. He seems like a nice guy, family guy, loyal, hard work, humble and friendly. Sounds like a good role model indeed. 

Nabil is on the road on becoming a Formula 1 driver. Time will come to where Malaysia finally have a second Formula 1 driver after Alex Yong. Which it was back while ago. And maybe Nabil will make another history for Malaysia. 

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