Nadia Nasimuddin, 28 year-old is the youngest child of the late Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin SM Amin, she has proven every bit as skilled as her older brothers despite her age. She helms Naza Hotel Management and NZ Diners with poise. Her latest venture sees her as the lady behind Portluxe, an online boutique that sells and buys pre-owned designer items. She believes that the key to success is providing consistent service. Together with husband Hamzah Alang Azman Shah, they have a son named Aidan. 

As one of the directors of the Naza Group of Companies an empire established by her late father. Nadia hails from the Nasimuddin clan that runs the largest privately owned corporation with a firm footing in several industries – automotive, food and beverage, hotel management, and property development to name a few. (The corporation is currently headed by her two older brothers, Dato’ Wira Hj SM Faisal SM Nasimuddin and SM Nasarudin SM Nasimudin.) Thus, it comes as no surprise that she has blossomed with a maturity stemming from her background of privilege and ambition. Now, she’s started her own dynasty, having married Hamzah Alang Tan Sri Azman Shah – of the Holiday Villa Hotels & Resorts empire – and borne their first heir Aidan, now two-years-old.

Nadia credits her parents for keeping her grounded and for all that she has accomplished in life so far. Her parents are the reason she turn out to be who she has become today. The very person she have grown to be is because of the family values they have instilled within her. Virtues that keep her humble, to give and forgive. Her late father was the one who always reminded them that success doesn’t come easy. It takes hard work, commitment, and perseverance.

It’s a strong sentiment she shares with all her siblings. She grew up with his dream in mind. They saw his passion and how driven he was in achieving it. He dreamt big and it takes the five of them today to make his dream come true. 

With a loving family and thriving business, Nadia is certainly living her life to the fullest. She's working her dream job! Though when she was a kid, her ultimate job was to be a dolphin trainer. She was obsessed with dolphins, a dream that she achieved during her honeymoon in Hawaii. 

Nadia’s genuine warmth and confidence brings to mind an idea put forward by the 19th-Century Concision in style, precision in thought, decision in life. Given her inherent drive, and relentless passion for life, there’s little doubt she will realise, with her siblings, her father’s dream.

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